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Are Wired CCTV Cameras Better Than Wireless CCTV Cameras Leave a comment

Development in technology has made it simpler than ever to set up a security system in and around your home our business premises.

Gone are the days of having to run cables to every single camera and recorder in your set up. This means that connecting up a security system can now be done with minimal physical alterations to the properties structure. However, are wireless CCTV systems as good as their wired counterparts?

Let us answer this question:

CCTV System Set Up

One of the huge advantages of a wireless CCTV system set-up is the fact no cables are required to connect the cameras to the monitors/recorders. Although this is a benefit and can save money on the lack of cabling required the cameras do still require a power source and so some work will need to be done, likely by an electrician, in order to fully power your security system. It may be possible to use the same cable runs as the electrical wiring for the data cables and so the only real benefit of a wireless CCTV system is not having to spend money on the data cables in the first place. The cameras will also need to be mounted in the correct position regardless of whether they are wired or wireless – however, this does not require a professional handyman.


We all know how frustrating it is when your internet goes down. One of the cons of a wireless system is the susceptibility of losing video and audio data when your internet or home router is not functioning. Wired security systems don’t suffer from this issue as the data feeds direct to a recorder/monitor. Both systems are susceptible to power outages, however.

Size of System

Wireless systems are limited by the number of cameras you can have in any one system. Generally speaking, most wireless CCTV systems are limited to four cameras. This may be ample for you if you live in or your business premises is a small/medium sized property. However, to cover larger areas a wired system is almost certainly the best solution.

Picture Quality

Due to the limitations of current Wi-Fi technology picture quality of wireless CCTV cameras is often significantly worse than that on a wired system. Video streams often have to be compressed in order to transfer correctly which can be an issue as, much of the time with surveillance cameras, you are looking for the highest quality image possible in case something happens.

There is no generic, correct answer to which is better, wireless or wired CCTV cameras.

The answer is always dependant on the individual’s situation.

If you are unsure about which system is right for you then give us a calls or whatsapp +256702195634 and we’ll happily help with your decision.

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