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At 2MCCTV, our goal is to give our wholesalers and installers the tools they need to succeed. In order to accomplish that, we strive to only carry the best security products from trusted manufacturers, including Uniview. Even though Uniview is a relatively new brand, they’ve quickly gained a reputation for providing high-quality security products at a reasonable price point. For that reason, 2MCCTV is a proud authorized dealer of Uniview products. If you’re a security dealer or installer, here are some reasons to consider Uniview as a trusted manufacturer.


With so many security products out in the market today, dealers may find it overwhelming to decide which brands and products to stock to ensure the satisfaction of their customers. However, the superior quality and performance of Uniview’s products has made the brand stand out from the rest. The security cameras that Uniview produces have a variety of modern functionalities and features that keep up with the needs of today’s consumers. Their products can satisfy the security requirements and budget of any consumer, from homeowners to small mom-and-pop stores to large enterprises. With Uniview, you can be sure that you’re getting the right products at the right prices.

NDAA Compliant

If you’re a security installer, you know how tricky it can be when working on U.S. government projects. The NDAA bans security products, including OEM, from certain companies on federal government properties but it can be difficult to determine which products are actually NDAA compliant. Even though a company might manufacture security cameras in the U.S., if they use OEM from a banned company, they are not allowed to be installed on government properties. However, some companies are not transparent about their sourcing which makes security installers vulnerable to legal issues. With Uniview, they’re clear about which products are NDAA compliant so you can install their security cameras on government properties in confidence. No guessing, no doubts, and no liabilities.

Pricing Protection

As a security dealer, one of the things that can hurt your business is customers shopping around for a lower price. But the unique thing about Uniview is their pricing protection. Uniview requires all public pricing to be their MSRP price, meaning that regular customers will never see a Uniview product being sold elsewhere at a price lower than the MSRP. This will allow you to set your own exclusive prices and margins without worrying about customers seeking a better deal from someone else.

Choose Uniview, Choose 2MCCTV

2MCCTV is a proud authorized partner of Uniview security cameras and security products. When you choose Uniview, you can be sure that you’re getting products that excel in terms of performance, reliability, and price. If you’re a security dealer, sign up for our wholesaler program today and browse our selection of Uniview products! As a wholesaler with 2MCCTV, you will get access to products and brands that we trust at the prices you want. Additionally, you’ll receive free shipping, technical support, consultations, and warranty on all products. When you become a wholesaler with 2MCCTV, you’re not just getting access to great products, you’re also getting access to great customer service.

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